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Nobody knew about "Alex Hormozi" or "Joe Rogan" until they built a personal brands. We help experts dominate their niche so everyone knows their name. Below are some of the experts we've helped.





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Dr. Josef built a hyper niche audience which set him up as the go-to thought leader for drug tapering. He went from 10 posts a month to 120+, all high production edits. In 3 months, he quit his other job and went full time, built a waitlist and had to raise prices. Incredible ROI.

$100,000+ in 6 Months From Hyper Niche Following

CASE STUDY: Finance Expert

Gleec wanted to become the go-to source for Crypto news. We used our TikTok content engine to create rapid channel growth (5 Million+ Views) and real followers that tune in for updates on their project. They became an influencer in the wider finance space, now competing with the authenticity and authority of even more established brands.

Viral Growth, 100,000 TikTok Followers in 3 Months.

CASE STUDY: Gun Defense Expert

Safe Life Defense already had a following and great personality. But they lacked momentum on YouTube. In under 3 months of working with us, their channel grew 1,703%. They gained over 20,000 new followers and over 8 Million views. A huge win for an ecommerce store in need of a larger community.

Momentum in 3 Months through YouTube Shorts.

CASE STUDY: Marketing Expert (Our Story)

We walk the walk. Our organic content strategy is what put us on the digital marketing map. In fact, at one time it saved our business. Sometimes it's hard to track revenue for organic social media, but in our first 3 months with shortform video, we made $100,000 in new revenue for our agency. And we built a sizeable community as well.

$100,000 In New Revenue, 3 Months of Shortform Video


"They were beyond Epic, and have produced amazing results on Social Media" - Logan Mikesell, Utah Sprinter Rentals

"Austin and his team were absolutely amazing. They were knowledgeable, efficient and talented." - Derek Collins, Snapsale

"These are my guys" - Ian Foster, The Centercam

"blown me away time after time ... Hire him. See what I mean!" - Crystalee Beck, Comma Copywriters

"could not believe how incredible each video turned out!" - Madilyn Lowry

"very congenial to work with" - Maureen Sederberg

"very quick in editing it and getting it back to me" - Travis Moh, AdPushMedia

"Highly recommend FalterMediaCo!!" - Mallory Woolf

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