A Proven Strategy

The Strategy you need to Build Your Personal Brand Through Video Marketing

Shortform for Business: 4 Pillars of Success

You don’t have to make the CEO shake their booty or lip sync to succeed with your video content! Brands & experts are growing their communities, SEO rankings, and trust through these simple content strategies.

THESE are the four key areas we help people to prioritize:

1. Quantity

Make Better Videos.

Using an audience focused approach (the audience equation) aim to produce videos that are more likely to go viral, engage your audience.

Our team is trained in the Audience Equation. It is a method to keep our content engaging to your people.

2. Quality

Systematize Content Creation.

Increase video output as much as possible and build a hyper-efficient content machine. We teach how to use Batching, AI resources, Outsourcing, and Automation tools.

When working with our team, we help you focus on being the expert, filming in efficient batches, and running your business while we take on all the work of scripting, strategy, editing and posting.

3. Focus

Claim Your Niche.

Stay focused on niche-based content, to rank on the social media algorithms & SEO. The aim here is to become the go-to expert in your space.

4. Consistency

Run the Marathon.

Make a 2-year commitment to your content, follow a 6-month plan, and avoid burnout at all costs. Shortform video is still a long-term game.

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