How to Work with Falter Media

To Build Your Personal Brand Through Video Marketing

Process for Organic Content

Our goal is to systematize your content so you can focus on growing your business. This can range from done-with-you all the way to done-for-you packages.

We Strategize

Every month, we want to improve your content strategy. We book a call to go over industry research and content analytics. Want your team to be trained on lighting? Want to redesigning your film space? Want to brainstorm topics? It always pays off to take time for creative work.

We Script

Our scripting services vary. Some clients just want good hooks and video ideas to film extemporaneously. Others want full length scripts complete with captions to load into their teleprompters. And then there's the do-it-yourself folks who just want to be pointed in the right direction with our scripting courses & templates.

You Film

Or We hire a Spokesperson

We're here to direct you on film day. From lighting setup, to audio equipment, we'll make sure to answer all your questions so you can focus on filming content. Our goal is to knock out your entire months content in as little time as possible. We've helped clients film as much as 90 pieces of content in just a few hours.


Do you have long form content you want to turn into shorts? No need to schedule another film day if you already have those assets. Our team can take video podcasts, events and youtube videos and chop them into bitesized content.

We Edit

Our editors are trained specifically on engaging shortform content. You tell us what style you want to see and we'll execute, with animated captions, gifs, graphics, sound design and more. And yes, we can do "Alex Hormozi" style captions if you really want, OR we can create your own unique style.

We Post

Our team is trained on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. No more logging in everyday to post, only to get stuck in the endless scroll. The one piece of content you create can speak to your audience on every platform.

You Grow


In a matter of weeks, you can haveour video content engine working for you.

Week 1: Strategize

In the first week we build out your strategy. You can choose how your videos will look. Are you wanting to lean towards the "Alex Hormozi" make or your own style?

Week 2-4: Produce

We get to work researching and scripting right away so that before the end of the month you can have a batch of videos to film.

Once the videos are filmed, you relax while our team works it's magic.

Week 5: Post

Once we reach week 5, we can begin posting your daily content across the internet. Then it's just rinse and repeat.

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