A Viral Growth Strategy That Gained 100,000 Followers in 3 Months

The Problem

Before working with Falter Media, had NO following on TikTok and little buzz across other social platforms. They were still pre-launch in the USA but wanted to build their Discord and Telegram channels and gain brand awareness so they can have a successful USA launch with Lolotsts of buzz around their brand. The influencers they paid led to some views, but these posts were short-lived.

So, when Falter Media offered a hand, we found two core issues with their approach: the paid influencer posts didn’t ever lead to conversions. It led to some followers and comments on someone else’s page… But nothing long-term. And second, paid posts are never authentic and viewers can see that from miles away. 

Thankfully, Falter Media’s methods would fix this issue.

The Results

3 Months

115K Followers - 5M Views - 100K Profile Visits

Gleec now has a TikTok Content Engine, with rapid channel growth and real followers that tune in for updates on their project. In short, they’ve BECOME an influencer in the crypto space and can now offer the authenticity and authority of an established brand. In less than 3 months we grew over 100K Followers on TikTok. And it’s only growing. 

 Gleec focused on their products, while Falter Media grew the following. And now over 5 Million people watched their videos… That’s 5 MILLION Eyeballs. And they don’t even have to think about what, or when or how to post. 

Our Process

  • Researched topics Gleec’s audience would watch

  • Wrote engaging scripts to be filmed in massive batches

  • Hired an actress to represent Gleec, and made a branded studio set

  • Filmed 90 videos a month

  • Edited the videos professionally with graphics, sound effects, & captions

  • Posted 3 videos a day using hashtags, music, and captions

  • Analyzed what performed best and optimized for the next batch




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